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  1. How to sync an Android phone to your Mac
  2. Android sync: synchronize Android and Mac using SyncMate
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Unfortunately this utility doesn't work with calendars and contacts, so you cannot transfer those entries. This is a friendly and easy-to-use app, however it will only work with media files. In case you need more syncing options, you might need to get another app. Nothing could be a better fit than a native utility developed by the same brand as your Android device or Mac computer. This is not the case however. As much as it is appealing to get this free app , at the same time it hasn't been updated for years and always lacked functionality.

It doesn't boast with a friendly interface and only allows one file to be transferred at a time. This simple and straightforward app is developed for file transfer over LAN. Nothing extra, just pure file transfer. Real synchronization is not available. Droid NAS is a tiny app that features a rather compact and friendly interface. Droid NAS allows you to mount Android phones to your Mac and provides access to the following folders: Note that this is a file transfer utility and it won't work with contacts and calendars.

There is always a way to have you files up-to-date with the help of cloud services. This is not a direct sync or transfer option, it adds a step of uploading data to the cloud in order to get it on another device, but sometimes you can opt for this way. Several popular cloud services include:. Dropbox , which seems to be the most popular and rather reliable cloud storage.

Dropbox offers enough of free cloud space for basic needs where you can store folders and files. A great feature of Dropbox is the ability to share your files with those who don't even have a registered Dropbox account. Not so great is the fact that it won't personal calendars and contacts data, just back it up so you can unpack on device or computer. Meanwhile, Google Photos will gladly slurp up pictures from your Mac and your Android phone and make all your photos and videos available in both places—it can even upload pictures from your Apple Photo Library.

How to sync an Android phone to your Mac

For the desktop client, make sure your settings are right. Click the icon on the menu bar, then the menu button three dots , then Preferences: On the My Mac or My MacBook tab, Make sure Upload newly added photos and videos to Google Photos is ticked, and all the folders where these media files are located are selected above.

If you want all your Google Photos on disk on your Mac as well as in the cloud, sync the Google Photos folder locally under the Google Drive tab. This takes care of all kinds of other types of files too, provided you select the right folders in the Preferences dialog. WhatsApp is another app that will work on Android and the web, so you can send and receive messages from your Mac computer. Applications like AirDroid can mirror your Android screen, but you still need to pick up your phone.

If you want to make video and audio calls across Android and macOS, you need to use an option supported on both, like Skype or Google Hangouts. As is usually the case when you want to use Apple hardware and non-Apple hardware together, switching to a different ecosystem of apps—whether Google, Microsoft, or something else—is the best option for getting everything operating in harmony.

The A. Filed to: Share This Story. There are not so many apps to sync Mac with Android presently.

However, to assure you that SyncMate can be the best option for you, we put together the list of key features that differentiate SyncMate among its competitors. Android Sync Android phone or tablet with Mac.

Syncing data between Mac and Android can be a real headache as there are no built-in solutions that can connect and transfer data between these devices. SyncMate fills this gap and gives you full access to data synchronization between Android and Mac. Buy Now. Sync various Android models with Mac No matter which phone model you own, if it runs Android 4. Below are the usage scenarios for the most popular devices.

Android sync: synchronize Android and Mac using SyncMate

View more supported models. Probably the best app to synchronize Mac with Android And we can prove this! Tired of double entering the same contacts and calendar entries on Mac and Android phone or tablet?

Enter them once - sync them with SyncMate! Just connect your Mac and Android device and sync Contacts and Calendar for free! Depending on data volume the duration of synchronization can vary. We value your comfort and do not want SyncMate to distract you from current tasks while data is being synced. So we taught SyncMate to work in the background.

Probably the best app to synchronize Mac with Android

By mounting your device on your Mac you get the easy access to it through Finder and can manage its content the same way as any regular computer drive. Add as many files to your folders as needed and sync them for easy access. No copying or moving anything manually when you have SyncMate. SyncMate Expert gives you a unique possibility to sync playlists or music folders between Mac and Android. Sync your favorite images and videos between Mac and Android and share them with your friends on the go! Receive, create, delete and even export your text messages to file on your Mac with its convenient full-size keyboard.

SyncMate gives you even more and allows syncing data automatically and in the background. Did we mention you can view Android call history on Mac? You can! So, which data can be synced between macOS and Android? Show more features.