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  3. Using Apple Mail's Troubleshooting Tools

If the Activity window shows problems with one or more Mail accounts, try the other two troubleshooting aids provided by Apple to solve the problem. The Connection Doctor confirms that the device is connected to the internet and checks each mail account to ensure it can connect to send and receive mail. The status for each account displays in the Connection Doctor window. If you're unable to connect to the internet, the Connection Doctor offers to run Network Diagnostics to track down the cause of the problem.

Most Mail issues are account-related rather than internet connection related, however.

Redirect Logs To A Syslog Server In OS X - krypted

To troubleshoot account issues, the Connection Doctor offers both an overview for each account and a detailed log of each attempt to connect to the appropriate email server. Connection Doctor automatically starts the checking process and displays the results for each account.

Any account with a status indicated in red has some type of connection issue. Connection Doctor includes a brief summary of the problem, such as an incorrect account name or password. To find out more about the account issues, view the details of each connection. At the bottom of the Connection Docto r window, click Show Detail to open a tray that slides out from the bottom of the window and displays the contents of the logs.


Click Check Again to rerun the Connection Doctor and display the logs in the tray. The one problem with the detail display in the Connection Doctor is that the text can't be searched, at least not from the Connection Doctor window. If you have multiple accounts, scrolling through the logs can be cumbersome. Instead, copy and paste the logs to a text editor, then search for specific account data, but there is another option — the Mail logs, which your system keeps tabs on.

While the Activity window provides a real-time look at what's occurring as you send or receive mail, the Mail logs go one step further and keep a record of each event. Because the Activity window shows activity in real-time, if you glance away or blink, you may miss seeing a connection issue. The Mail logs, on the other hand, keep a record of the connection process.

Click Show Logs to open a Finder window containing individual logs for each Mail account that is set up on the Mac.

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Double-click a log to open it in TextEdit. Or, right-click a log and select Open to open the log in the app of your choice. Once it's turned on, the Console logs keep track of your Mail logs until you quit the Mail application. If you want to keep Mail logging active, rerun the script each time before you launch Mail. If the AppleScript Editor window opens, click the Run button in the upper-left corner. A dialog box opens, asking if you want to enable socket logging for checking or sending mail. Click Both. Mail logs are written as Console messages that can be displayed in the Apple Console application.

In the Filter field, enter com. Docker Logging Efk Compose. Docker Logging.

Using Apple Mail's Troubleshooting Tools

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