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You may find this content helpful: To be able to view it, allow Performance Cookies here. Search for:. Was this article helpful? This content is not available in your country. Compatibility with Logic 9 sounds pretty iffy. Logic Pro X Thanks so X is that much better? I remember when it first came out, it didn't seem to be earth shaking release and wish they gave an upgrade price instead of charging the same price for everyone.

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Still a good value compared to some of the others out there. I looked at Reaper, and would rather not learn a new setup. And actually for my immediate purpose may just stick with Garage Band at the moment. Mainly looking to help create my presets that I use live without having to hook up the main Helix to the computer. Once I get back to doing some recording more may look at LogicPro X, but even then for my purposes Garage Band may be sufficient. Good choice.

Apple Logic Pro 9.1.8 DMG Mac Free Download [571 MB]

It has really evolved since 9. And I hear ya regarding learning a new setup. I tried to migrate from Logic to Studio One last year because I liked the Presonus controller, and it was really frustrating because I was so efficient using Logic. I ended up going back to Logic after wasting a week going through Studio One tutorials and manuals. Not that Studio One was lacking, but was like moving to a foreign country.

Yeah that is very true. I tried a couple trials awhile back and couldn't or really didn't want to spend all the time relearning how to do things.

I am sure Apple knows you already put down money into the hardware, just like them including GarageBand. Will probably go ahead and get Logic X soon, since it looks like they did make the interface a bit better.

Acer Aspire One Hackintosh Running Mac OS X and Logic Audio Pro

X is more like GB on steroids from the looks of it. To get all the extra instruments, loops, and being able to change time signature in a song is probably worth it to me. Just got my FocusRite 2i2 yesterday, so one step closer to my goal. Overall, elements are slightly bigger than they were in Logic Pro 9, so that finding just the tool you want is easier.

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When you need to dig deep, they and the menu bar menus are still your avenue for doing so. But when you want to do something quickly—sketch out a new tune or perform a quick edit—the new layout makes it easier to get to the task at hand. It also presents GarageBand users with a more familiar environment. Close enough panes, and you find a Logic Pro that performs a darned fine imitation of the GarageBand interface. Other adjustments make Logic more logical. Elements in a channel strip and mixer—a group of effects, for example—reflect their position in the signal path.

To change their position in that path, just drag them up or down to a new position. And you can now engage a Quick Help feature that, in a small window, provides tidbits of information about any item your cursor hovers over.

You can easily move arrangement markers to change the order of sections in your song. The Score editor now behaves more like a notation application. But suppose you could group some of those tracks—all the acoustic drum tracks, for example—into a folder-like arrangement in the track list and then show or hide the tracks it contains with the click of a triangle icon? The other idea is the summing stack. If this track contains software instruments, it can be used and saved as a patch so that it behaves like a single instrument rather than a group of instruments.

Not only can you group and hide them as well as control their mute, solo, and volume settings, but you can additionally use your MIDI keyboard to play all of them at once as a single instrument. Press a low key, and you hear the Growly Synth and Crunch Synth mixed.

Apple Logic Pro X (for Mac) - Review - PCMag UK

You can then save this patch and call it up for any project you work with in the future. This is a powerful method for creating layered and fat instruments. Another way Apple makes Logic more accessible is through new Smart Controls. For example, call up the Classic Electric Piano instrument, double-click on its icon in the track list, and its Smart Controls appear at the bottom of the Logic window.